Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Celebrate Father's Day With Kiehl's

Celebrate Your Father With Kiehl’s Products

Spoil Your Father this Father’s Day with Kiehl’s range of Men’s Products
This Father’s Day, keep your Dad looking and feeling his best with Kiehl’s extensive range of men’s products designed especially for him. Kiehl’s mixes just the right ingredients to make sure your father benefits from all the nutrients he needs to look effortlessly radiant and healthy throughout the year. Every Dad deserves a little TLC, so why not gift it to him on his special day. Visit any Kiehl’s store to create a personalized gift set for your father with various gift wraps and product combinations available.

Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
The efficient, energizing facial cleanser thoroughly removes dirt, surface oil and impurities without an over-drying effect. Formulated with Caffeine, Menthol, and Vitamin E, its unique blend helps to refresh and waken skin, preparing it for a less irritating, more comfortable shave. This effective "refueling facial cleanser" further helps skin resist the effects of environmental stress and gives even dull, tired-looking skin a fresher, healthier appearance.
AED 90

 Facial Fuel SPF 15
This vitamin-enriched and energizing non-oily moisturizer wakens and uplifts dull, fatigued skin while protecting it against the sun’s harmful UV Rays. It helps skin resist the affects of environmental stress for a healthy, invigorated appearance. The formula, with Vitamin C and E, Chestnut extract and Soy, helps waken tired-looking skin and helps improve skin's look and texture. With use, your father’s skin will feel refueled, re-energized and revitalized!
AED 179

Facial Fuel Transformer
This lightweight moisture gel instantly moisturizes skin, reduces visible fine lines and minimizes enlarged pores. With protein-charged Blue Algae, a rich source of Amino Acids and Vitamin B, this refueling formula helps improve skin’s smoothness and fights the first signs of aging.
AED 170

Kiehl’s Eye Alert
The ultimate solution for eye-area fatigue after a long flight or a long night, Eye Alert is made with cooling Cucumber and Alfalfa Extracts to energize and hydrate the thinner skin of the eye area. Its potent blend of Vitamin E and Caffeine fights fatigue as it helps combat dark circles and puffiness. With regular use, skin appears strengthened and the look of fine dehydration lines is reduced.
AED 134

Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap
This highly efficient scrub soap, made with Oat Bran, Oatmeal and Pumice, thoroughly cleanses skin and facilitates the exfoliation of dead surface cells, helping to alleviate roughness on tougher areas such as elbows and heels. The trio of ingredients acts to soothe and condition skin while aiding in the exfoliation of dead and rough skin to encourage growth of new skin cells.
AED 120

Kiehl's was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York's East Village neighborhood. Its unique, extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge developed and advanced through the generations.

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