Monday, 2 June 2014

Lush Fresh New Collection of Innovations

A Fresh NEW Collection of Innovations from LUSH
For Summer 2014

This latest collection from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has been designed to make you feel Lush all over this summer. There’s something for everyone; ranging from bath treats, to shaving creams and hair styling products. 
All are made with the finest ingredients, some of which are coming from our Sustainable Lush Funded (SLush Fund) projects; are self-preserving; cruelty free; and handmade freshly to order for our shops nationwide.  

Zest hair gelly
AED 125 / SAR 128 / LL 51,440 / KWD 10 / BAH 13 / QAR 124/ OMR 13
Self-preserving orangey hair jelly that gives both your hair and mood a boost.
Made with a simple formula full of zesty ingredients, this self-preserving hair jelly will give your hair great hold, without leaving it feeling greasy.   The fragrance contains sweet wild orange oil from the fruit we eat; pettigrain oil from the twigs of the bitter orange tree; and neroli oil from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. There is also moisturising and thickening carrageenan extract in there, from Irish moss seaweed, to help create texture.
Good to know
Inspired by punks using sugar to create mohawks, the sugar in the orange juice boosts the holding power of this hair jelly.
How to use
Tap it out and rub it in your hands to lightly coat. Pop the jelly back in the pot and smooth your palms over your hair to create your desired style.

Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb
AED 34 / SAR 35 / LL 13,992 / KWD 3 / BAH 4 / QAR 34/ OMR 4
A multi-coloured bath bomb with an uplifting, spicy citrus scent.
This one will leave psychedelic swirls of foaming colour across your ginger, pepper and lemon-scented bathwater.  Simply drop into a warm bath and watch as its fizzing centre dissolves into multi-coloured waters.  Its spicy, citrusy scent will pep you up; lemon oil boosts the mood, while ginger and pepper are warming and boost circulation.
Origin and inspiration
This ballistic takes its name from the Purple Gang’s song ‘Granny Takes a Trip’ and the 1960s clothing boutique on London’s King’s Road, where LUSH also has a shop and Spa. The colours match the jackets worn by the Beatles on the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

African Paradise body conditioner
AED 185 / SAR 189 / LL 76,131 / KWD 15 / BAH 19 / QAR 185/ OMR 20
A heavenly in-shower body conditioner packed with African oils, butters and fruits.
A self-preserving in-shower body conditioner full of conditioning ingredients from SLush Funded projects in Africa, such as: softening Fair Trade shea butter and Fair Trade moringa oil from Ghana to brighten the skin; cooling Fair Trade fresh aloe vera from Kenya; and ylang ylang from Ghana in the fragrance blend. We are also starting to use ingredients from new SLush Fund projects, such as baobab oil from a women’s cooperative in Northern Ghana; and marula oil from South Africa.
Sympathetic Buying
Due to the way we encourage farming of ingredients, these materials can be limited availability and as such are subject to change. We are working on a sympathetic buying programme to ensure the farmers and the earth are cared for too.
How to use
Use it like a conditioner: after washing, apply to damp skin in the shower and lightly rinse to leave your skin feeling soft and silky all day.

D’Fluff shaving cream
AED 70 / SAR 72 / LL 28,806 / KWD 6 / BAH 8 / QAR 70/ OMR 8
A fluffy shaving cream made with FRESH strawberries, coconut oil, maple and corn syrups and egg whites.
Fresh strawberries are whisked together with moisturising Fair Trade Cocoa Butter from the FUNDOPO collective (in the Dominican Republic) to create a gorgeous bit of fluff that leaves you silky smooth. This marshmallowy treat contains coconut oil, maple and corn syrups, and egg whites to create a light texture that makes defluffing a dream. The fragrance contains comforting Fair Trade vanilla absolute, sweet wild orange oil and rose absolute. Suitable for both lady’s legs and men’s faces.
How to useApply to damp skin and shave, rinsing the blade frequently. Alternatively, use as a body wash.

Mangnificent soap
AED 45 / SAR 46 / LL 18,518 / KWD 4 / BAH 5 / QAR 45/ OMR 5
A ripe and juicy mango soap with uplifting lemon, mandarin and neroli oils.
This refreshing soap awakens the mind and body with its luxuriously fruity mango and lemony aromas. Mangnificent contains a blend of dried and fresh mango. The fruit cleanses the skin and is an excellent nutritional source, containing an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - calcium, potassium, vitamin A, E and C and several B vitamins. The bar also includes floral Tunisian neroli oil that is uplifting and toning on the skin. Twinned with the fresh Sicilian lemon and mandarin oils, it’s the perfect soap for those sluggish mornings.

Parsley Porridge soap
AED 45 / SAR 46 / LL 18,518 / KWD 4 / BAH 5 / QAR 45/ OMR 5

A herbal soap with detoxifying parsley, antibacterial tea tree and milky oatmeal.
Clean up your act with this antibacterial soap suitable for body and face. This solid soap is the perfect combination of bacteria busting thyme and tea tree oil with deep cleansing fine milled porridge oats. The porridge oats lift dry and dead skin whilst the aloe gel cools and revives. Perfect for oily acne prone skin. 
These products are available in LUSH stores across the region. For shop details or to order online, please log onto at

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